The best thing you can do for a toothache is: Don’t have one!

With that out of the way, you can start taking steps to reduce pain and, hopefully, get yourself back on the road to dental health. Toothaches are one of the most difficult pains to live with.

When a person is suffering through this type of pain, it seems to take over their lives until something is done about it. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the ache, until something more permanent can be done.

Unfortunately, taking good care of your teeth is no guarantee against toothaches. It certainly helps. You can do everything your parents and your dentist advise you to do and still suffer this excruciating pain.

Some people head straight for the medicine cabinet, hoping that an over-the-counter pain killer will provide relief. Learn more at Dentist Be Damned.


Items are available at any pharmacy or general store, and will provide temporary relief. But you should use these in moderation. It is always wise to find a more permanent solution, even if it means taking a trip to your family dentist.

There are a few other things you can try, if you want to avoid commercial medicines. You have many of these in your home now, or can put them together in a matter of minutes.

For example, it may help to place a cold compress on the afflicted area. This can be a very quick way of providing relief, though it is definitely a short-term solution. This may also help reduce swelling of the face and gums.

Do not put ice directly on the area of the toothache. This is a sure way to cause yourself additional pain. Wrap some ice in a towel or cloth and then put it on your cheek, outside the problem spot.

You could put a small piece of ice or some cold water in your mouth, but you must be careful to avoid direct contact with the tooth.

Vampires and Toothache

Legend states that people can use garlic to keep vampires away. That’s what the movies tell us. But did you know that this common item can have a powerful antibiotic effect when used properly?

The compound goes by the name of allicin. If you crush garlic to release allicin you can place a piece on the tooth for quick relief. Some people even report the tooth problem goes away entirely, but this can vary from one person to another.

When you are battling a tooth problem that causes severe pain, remember that the cause can usually be found under or in the tooth. A nerve is irritated by injury, decay, or infection, or when a tooth has to be pulled.

As is the case with garlic, it is important to find something that gets to the source of the ache. Some people have tried warm water with salt. This will relieve the pain temporarily and may even help cleanse the area, leading to more long-term relief.

A more involved remedy uses oregano and colloidal silver. This second product is a mineral that should be used sparingly. The federal agency that oversees such products, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), established regulations just a few years ago that stated colloidal silver was not safe or effective.

You can still purchase this item but you will have to go to a homeopathic supplier. It is used for a number of infections and other maladies.

If you feel comfortable using colloidal silver, start by putting oregano oil under your tongue. The next step involves swishing the colloidal silver about once an hour. You may even want to rub some silver onto the gum area around the affected tooth.

Put oil of oregano on the gum, then rinse out with warm salt water. Dentist Be Damned may also offer some solutions.

Ginger Root

People have also found relief using ginger root, an effective natural substance. Obtain this root (as fresh as possible) cut a piece and remove the skin. Put the piece on the afflicted tooth and bite down gently.

You should feel relief almost immediately. Store your ginger root in the refrigerator and use small pieces as needed.

Essential oil from clove is a good natural remedy for numbing pain from toothaches. It is believed to kill bacteria, which may be the cause of the problem. Soak a cotton ball in this oil and wipe it on the gums and tooth.

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