Most people understand that tooth decay is the leading cause of toothaches. The food we eat contributes to this condition, which is why we are always advised to brush our teeth and practice good dental hygiene. The presence of acids and bacteria in the mouth can cause problems if you don’t take some steps to prevent decay.

The first sign of future problems is over-sensitivity of teeth to hot or cold temperatures. This could be a sign that you need to improve your hygiene or change your eating habits. But when you do experience toothaches you can always try home remedies or get more information at Dentist Be Damned.

What Causes Toothache?

Other than decay as mentioned above, you could be asking for trouble if you don’t remove food remnants from between your teeth. Poor tooth care can lead to infections of the teeth or gums.

If you experience damage to a tooth because of injury, you should take immediate steps to treat it and repair it. You may also get a toothache from problems with sinus infection.

At some point, you may have no other option but to visit your family dentist. This is generally the answer if the problem is severe or if the decay has progressed beyond what can be helped by home remedies.

Of course, you can always start taking care of your other teeth right away by using dental floss to remove food particles from between the teeth.

You can rinse your mouth with warm water. A small amount of salt can help reduce pain as well as get rid of some bacteria. People have also found relief using clove oil.

Put some on a cotton ball or swab and apply it directly to the affected area. A cold compress on the cheek can also help reduce pain.

Over the Counter

Individuals often rush to the pharmacy or grocery store when they have a toothache. They buy the first item they see or grab the most popular product, hoping to apply it for quick relief. While this is not the worst thing you can do, you should use caution.

Always read the label and directions carefully. In fact, you would be wise to read more about these chemical treatments online or at the library.

Over-the-counter products often contain benzocaine, which is a local anesthetic that can be used as a topical pain reliever. It has been shown to be tolerated by most adults and is generally non-toxic when used properly.

Overuse of this chemical ingredient can reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood and may cause other serious problems. It should not be used for infants or children age 2 or younger.

If you are concerned about this type of toothache relief, you can find useful information at Dentist Be Damned. You may also want to try a natural, home remedy to reduce toothache pain, even if you ultimately decide to seek medical help from a doctor or dentist.

This is especially important if pain continues for two or three days, or if you have other signs of illness that cannot be remedied by home methods.

Special Situations

If you have a special health condition that prevents you from taking certain medications, you may want to try natural substances such as cloves, garlic, or tea. This might be a good idea for women who are pregnant, for example. Some substances for toothache relief actually have the clove ingredient in them.

Using natural, organic clove oil is a great way to reduce pain. As mentioned, placing some oil on a cotton ball or swab, and applying directly to the afflicted area can relieve pain. Some use ginger root, cut and applied directly to the tooth. Others do the same with garlic or fresh onion.

Gargling warm water, with a bit of salt mixed in, can relieve pain and may also help keep the area clean. People have also found relief from toothache pain by soaking a bag of black tea in hot water then applying it directly to the pained area.

Before you try medicines that could possibly be harmful and before you take the major step of having your dentist remove a tooth, try a home remedy or check out Dentist Be Damned.

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