Almost every one of us experiences a toothache not once, but several times in our lifetime. Even though proper oral hygiene reduces the risk of tooth pain, it still can happen at any time without any warning. Sometimes, you don’t have quick access to the dentist, which means you need to look for solutions to alleviate the pain on your own temporarily, leading you to ask the question “What can I use for a toothache?”

However, before you think about the remedies and treatment, it is important to learn about the actual cause.

What Causes a Toothache?

One of the reasons why a toothache is so prevalent is that a lot of things can be a cause. For example, one of the most common causes is a dental cavity that appears as a result of tooth decay. Other reasons include a cracked or fractured tooth, loose fillings, an infection (also known as tooth abscess), or even a sinus condition.

What Can I Use for a Toothache?

Since a toothache is one of the oldest medical problems, many home remedies evolved with time. According to some experts, many of these home or traditional remedies are also now backed by science.

Here are few things that you can use for a toothache.

1. Clove

As we were talking about traditional methods of relieving toothache, clove is probably one of the oldest solutions to alleviate pain. According to experts, cloves have a natural ability to numb nerves, which allows instant pain relief.

Clove oil is even better. It features eugeonal, which is the primary chemical compound with anesthetic properties. However, applying clove oil to your tooth or gums is challenging, as it can even make your pain more severe if applied in the wrong way. The best way is to use just two drops of oil that are placed on a cotton ball and place it beside the tooth or teeth for some time.

You can also apply clove powder or use the whole clove. You can chew it a little to release the oil. For best results, keep it for at least half an hour.

2. Garlic

Garlic is another traditional and one of the oldest home remedies to relieve pain. In fact, garlic is used to help manage many other health conditions due to its medicinal properties. The best thing about garlic is it not only relieves pain, but it also helps kill the bacteria that in most cases cause dental plaque.

Simply put, it relieves pain, but also help you target the root cause. The best way to use garlic it to create garlic paste by mincing it and mixing it with a pinch of salt. Then, apply it to your tooth or gum. You can also chew a clove, but make sure it is fresh.

3. Ginger and Cayenne Paste

This is another home remedy that has been used for a long time to help alleviate a toothache. For this solution, just add an equal amount of ginger and cayenne with a small amount of water to make a paste.

Dip the cotton ball into the liquid paste, and place it on the tooth, making sure you avoid your gums and tongue. Keep it attached to your tooth until the pain fades away. Keep in mind though that it is a spicy paste, and after some time, your teeth and the surrounding area will start to burn. In that case, remove it and apply again after some time.

4. Saltwater

If you don’t have any of the above items to use in your home, we are sure you must at least have salt somewhere in your kitchen. To help relieve a toothache, you can also use the salt with hot water for rinsing.

It is recommended that you measure half a teaspoon of salt and add it in a glass of warm water. Then, rinse your mouth for a few seconds, spit it, and repeat a few more times.

5. Peppermint Tea Bags

This is another solution that a lot of toothache sufferers have already tried. It is claimed that peppermint can numb your veins and soothe your gums; hence, relieving the pain. For this, apply a used but warm peppermint tea bag on your tooth. However, you can also use a cold or frozen peppermint tea bag, and the same results would be achieved.

Are There Any Other Solutions?

Now, you might still be wondering, “What can I use for a toothache?” “Is there anything more?” Fortunately, there is a lot more you can use to sooth your toothache.

For example, you can also rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide solution, which is also an effective solution to kill bacteria, which is one of the causes of the pain. Another quick and easy solution is the use of ice, or commonly known as the cold compress method.

Applying ice can contract the blood vessels around the affected tooth, allowing quick pain relief. You can do that by placing ice in a clean cloth, wrap it, and apply it to your tooth for 15 to 20 minutes. Some other remedies or things that you can use for pain relief are vanilla extract, guava leaves, wheatgrass, myrrh, and thyme.

How to Avoid a Toothache?

A good way to avoid a toothache, apart from hygiene and regular dental visits, is to use the right toothpaste, brush, and mouthwash. There are pastes and brushes available that are designed for sensitive teeth, and these are helpful if you only experience pain while using cold or hot food items. This indicates that you have sensitive gums.

In that case, your gums shrink whenever they are exposed to something cold, exposing the sensitive dentin beneath your teeth’s surface. The good thing is that you can easily find the appropriate brush and toothpaste for this problem that can help you preserve your gum tissue.

Final Words

As you have already learned, you can use a lot of things, most are easily available in your kitchen, to help relieve a toothache, at least for some time. Be aware though that in the case of persistent pain, it is highly recommended to visit your dentist as soon as possible.

All in all, good oral hygiene, use of proper tools, and visiting your dentist at least twice a year can help prevent any form of a toothache. If you do so and you still experience any pain due to some circumstances, we are sure you have enough things in your kitchen to get instant relief.

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