Now, the truth is that tooth pain us undoubtedly one of the worst thing that anyone could actually go through. This is something that all of us resent tremendously and it’s important to identify the most popular causes of toothache in order to be capable of handling them appropriately.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is undoubtedly the most common of all the causes. Small cavities which affect the outer coating of your tooth are usually going to be rather painless.

However, when the decay begins to penetrate through your enamel and it affects the inner layers of your dentin, this is something which is going to cause your tooth to become particularly sensitive. This is when you will start experiencing dramatic pain when drinking something hot or cold.

Gum disease

We are all well aware of the fact that gum disease is something which is going to cause your gums to start bleeding. However, advanced gum disease which hasn’t been dealt with properly is also going to cause significant pain in a tooth which may very well be otherwise healthy.

Gum infection is known to cause inflammation to your gum and to the bone tissues and this leads to swelling as well as loss of bone around your teeth and a lot of other different types of damage.

Falls or accidents

These are also commonly known causes of broken teeth which are definitely painful. However, the truth is that when the fracture of the tooth runs through the pulp of the teeth – this is when you will experience the most pain. It’s definitely something particularly unpleasant and it needs to be handled quickly as the pain will be significant even if the crack isn’t.

The cracked tooth syndrome

This is something which may cause you to experience pain in a tooth which has no visual signs of fracture and it has not been affected by advanced gum disease or by cavities. This is usually caused by the cracked tooth syndrome which could take place mainly due to bad chewing – it’s definitely something that you need to take into account when it comes to it.

Tooth grinding

This is also commonly referred to as bruxism an it’s one of the things which can conveniently wear down or particularly chip your teeth. This is going to lead to an excessive force placed on your supportive tissue and this is going to cause a lot of pain which is spread not only in your teeth but also in the jaw joints as well as in the muscles.

Improper brushing

This is going to cause a lot of pain in combination with gum disease. The pain is going to be centered around the gum tissue but it’s also going to start affecting your teeth as well. This is usually going to start getting your roots exposed which is something that is the most common reason for sensitivity to hot, cold and sour flavors.

Misaligned wisdom teeth

This is something which is hard to deal with and it is usually going to come with the overall structure of your teeth. With this in mind, it is also important to note that this could cause quite a lot of pain which is going to have to be dealt with properly unless you want it to start causing more issues.

Orthodontic treatment

Of course, it’s usually the aftermath of the same, but the truth is that you are likely to experience some pain after your teeth have been worked on. This is something which is most likely going to make them a lot more sensitive and it’s to be considered.

In any case, these are some of the most common causes of toothache that you would probably have to deal with when it comes to it. It is important to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest industry standards in order to avoid some of the most inconvenient feelings that you’d have to go through.

With this in mind, regular treatments are not always the best option. While there is a lot of merit into visiting a dentist and this is something almost compulsory most of the times, we are here to provide you with another option which is going to handle quite a lot of your issues. This product is something which is going to ensure that you never have to visit the dentist cabinet ever again.

The truth is that dentists are in the business of making money. While they care about the way your smile looks, this is mainly due to the fact that it’s going to determine their overall payroll. And, the latter is almost always going to be particularly significant.

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Dentist Be Damned is a comprehensive remedy which takes advantage of the information which dentists do not want you to have. We are going to provide you with a cure for toothaches which isn’t only going to kill the pain like the majority of things on the market – no, it’s also going to eliminate its source. This is undoubtedly something which is going to benefit you strongly.

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