Most people know about toothaches. In fact, when a sharp or throbbing pain starts along the cheekbone or higher, along the top row of teeth, it is comparable to torture. This malady is one of the few pains people experience that can keep us from focusing on anything else. It isn’t a major health issue for most people, but it cannot be ignored.

If you feel a toothache coming on, you can relieve the pain quickly with a home remedy or a natural item that you may already have on hand. Of course, when you have a toothache you may immediately think about contacting your family dentist.

There are some conditions that will not simply go away especially if they are caused by infection or physical changes to the nerves at the root of the tooth. You may find some help at Dentist Be Damned.

Lying Down

If you have a tooth problem, you might make the pain worse by lying down. If you feel you must get off our feet, make sure to elevate your head with a couple of pillows, to keep the blood pressure in your head and upper body reduced. This may eliminate some of the throbbing that often comes with a toothache.

You may also want to look at tooth problems from a slightly different point of view. If you have severe pain that keeps you from performing your regular daily activities, you could try Dentist Be Damned.

If you do go to a dentist, tell them that it is an emergency. They should make every effort to work you into their schedule quickly, due to the concern around health issues that can cause toothaches.

To start your education on how to relieve a toothache, you should understand some of the basic causes. In many situations, the problem is caused by tooth decay.

If you are feeling strong pain caused by tooth decay you‘re unlikely to find permanent relief without the help of a dentist. You should get to a medical professional as soon as possible so that he or she can take steps to repair or extract the tooth.

Other Causes

You could be experiencing this ache because of gum disease or sinus problems. The pain can spread to the jaw and to the teeth, so you should see a doctor to determine the actual cause.

You may be tempted to use over-the-counter medication or pain killers, which will provide temporary relief. It’s best to read the label to see if the medication lists toothache relief.

Some toothache medicines you can purchase actually have a clove base. These seem to be very effective for many. You can also get clove oil and soak a cotton ball in it.

Press the cotton on the tooth or gum area for quick relief. This has proven effective for those who have to wait to get into a dentist’s office.

People also find relief from something that is in almost every home – a tea bag. This is especially effective for swelling and irritation that often comes with a toothache.

You should hold a warm, moist tea bag against the affected area. Keep in mind that tea can stain your teeth, so you may want to use this remedy sparingly.

Home Remedies

Onion seems to be an effective remedy. It battles the microbes that might be the cause of the pain. This common item is, according to many, good for keeping the affected area clean. As it kills germs, it can help eliminate the root cause of your pain.

Chew a piece of raw onion as soon as you feel the ache begin. You can also hold a piece of onion directly on the tooth or gum.

People have also learned how to relieve toothaches with vanilla extract, primarily because it numbs the pain quickly. As with clove oil, use a cotton ball or swab to dab it on the problem area.

Doing this a few times each day should provide relief. Check out some of the information at Dentist Be Damned.

One popular natural remedy comes from the guava leaf. The components of this plant help reduce inflammation and also reduce the associated pain. Locate a supplier of fresh, natural remedies and buy leaves that you can chew.

When the juice starts working, you should feel the pain subsiding. You may want to try boiling several leaves in water. The use the solution as a mouthwash.

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