It is known to everyone that if you are looking to reduce plaque, bacteria, and even the likelihood of gingivitis, you must have to floss regularly. But, let’s face it: most of us dislike flossing. While we all are aware of its numerous benefits, the process of using a string to floss your teeth seems daunting.

Using this string is awkward, difficult, and if not used correctly, there is a high possibility that you will end up injuring your gums which ultimately causes bleeding. For this very reason, water flossers became popular. These flossers offer more benefits than the string and are very simple to use.

The problem is that the market is now flooded with water flossers, and only our experts can tell you which one you should buy that won’t break the bank. Hence, we reviewed one particular product by Homitt to see if it is a worthy purchase.

Homitt Professional Water Flosser

Based in China, Homitt is a trusted brand that sells its products internationally through their website and other online selling platforms. They majorly manufacture electronics, home improvement, health, beauty, personal care, and outdoor equipment products. Their products aim to provide their customers with a healthier and happier life.

They are a promising business store which only sells high-quality items at affordable rates. Additionally, they come with excellent customer service support in case you face any issues with any of their products.


If the aim is to have a water flosser that can easily and effectively get rid of the food particles, plaque, bad breath, and more, then you should definitely give the Homitt Professional Water Flosser a try.

This is a fantastic product that will complete your oral hygiene routine. It is easy to use and this one single product is meant for the whole family’s use.

It comes with eight functional tips and all of these together help target various dental issues that ultimately leave you with cleaner teeth. This water flosser has a lot to offer. So, let’s talk about it in detail.

  • Size and Design

The Homitt Professional Water Flosser has an attractive design. The unit is black with the knob and the on-and-off switch in the front. Above is the transparent water tank.

In terms of its dimensions, it measures at 5.1 x 5 x 9 inches and weighs a bit over two pounds. These dimensions make it perfect to keep it on a countertop with complete ease. Best of it all is that the main body design is completely waterproof, with an IPX7 rating.

The body of this water flosser is made from a highly durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material and it comes with a 110 to 240V dual voltage. There are four suction cups on the bottom of this flosser that grab on to the surface of where they are placed, ensuring that it does not accidentally slide and fall off.

Additionally, there is a cover on the top of the unit with sealed and separated grooves that support the clean storage of all the tips. Lastly, its durable material makes the water tank completely leak-proof.

  • Multifunctional Tips

Unlike most water flossers in the market that come with only three classic jet tips, the Homitt Professional Water Flosser comes with four. In addition, there are two tongue cleaners, one dental plaque tip, one orthodontic tip, and one periodontal tip.

All of these tips offer a variety of different uses and together, they have the ability to clean way better than a toothbrush since it reaches places where the toothbrush does not easily reach. In fact, the company claims that its water flosser can effectively remove 99% of the bacteria from your mouth.

  • High Efficiency

The Homitt Professional Water Flosser is capable of offering up to 10 pressure settings which go from low to high. It offers 1400 pulses/minute of water pressure, and you can adjust the pressure as per your liking or tolerance. This feature is crucial for people with braces, cavities, toothaches, dental crowns, and more.

  • Safe and Easy to Use

This water flosser comes with a 600ml water tank that can offer you about 90 seconds of uninterrupted usage. It also features a 360-degree rotating knob design on the handle that makes it easier to use.

  • Perks

What we liked most about this water flosser is that the company offers its customers with a one-year warranty along with a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Made from highly durable and long lasting materials
  • Has a perfect size
  • Quite light in weight
  • Multifunctional tips
  • Highly efficient
  • Waterproof
  • Remains stable
  • Quite easy to use
  • Adjustable pressure settings
  • Risk-free purchase


  • The lid just sits and does not attach to the unit
  • Quite noisy
  • There is some leakage


The Homitt Professional Water Flosser is an attractive product that is built quite well. It has a good amount of pressure and gets the job done. It comes with an IPX7 rating, making it completely waterproof.

It also comes with eight multifunctional tips that do an excellent job of keeping your mouth fully clean. There is also a massive 600ml water tank that offers 90 seconds of uninterrupted water flow but also creates minimal noise. Lastly, the flosser comes with a yearlong warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee.


We compared the Homitt Professional Water Flosser to the Habor Water Flosser. These two products look quite similar and even have almost the same specifications. For instance, they both come with a 600ml water tank, have 10 adjustable water pressure settings, and their handles can rotate a full 360 degrees.

What makes the Homitt water flosser slightly better, though, is that it comes with eight multifunctional tips, unlike the eight its counterpart offers. It is not as noisy either and has a far more superior built along with an IPX7 rating.


The Homitt Professional Water Flosser is an excellent product that will help in making your teeth and mouth significantly cleaner and healthier. This product comes with ample features that will make flossing easy and fun. We suggest you don’t waste any more time and get this product right away!

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