Many people put their faith in home remedies toothaches. Some are effective in reducing pain and inflammation. You may have listened to a friend or family member who suggested using clove oil or tea to reduce the pain of a throbbing tooth. You may have enjoyed some relief only to find that the pain returns when the home remedy wears off.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use home remedies. However, you should take them for what they are – temporary relief that doesn’t require a visit to the dentist.

If pain continues, you may have no other choice but to visit your family dentist. A professional can diagnose the problem and employ methods to treat the cause. Or, you may want to check out Dentist Be Damned.

Try This

A common item that seems to be at the top of the home-remedy list is clove oil. This spice contains a natural anaesthetic called eugenol. You should only use a couple of drops of oil on a cotton ball. Place this on the tooth and hold it there until the pain is reduced.

Don’t put a lot of oil on afflicted area because it may make matters worse, especially if your gums are sensitive. You may also want to try powdered clove or a whole clove. Place this on the problem area and keep it in place for about 30 minutes.

People have also found relief from toothaches using a paste made from ginger and cayenne. Simply mix these two items in equal parts with enough water to make a consistent paste.

Saturate cotton with the paste and place it on the tooth. Don’t put it directly on the tongue or gums.

The mix may burn a bit, but you should leave it on as long as you can. The pain should fade gradually. Scientists have found that the main chemical in cayenne, called capsaicin, is involved in blocking pain messages to the brain.

Tea for Tooth

Peppermint tea seems to show up on most lists of home remedies for toothaches. Get some dried peppermint leaves (one teaspoon), put them in boiling water, and let this steep for 20 minutes or so. Let the liquid cool, then drink some and rinse your mouth for a few seconds.

After this, you can either swallow the tea or spit it out. On a separate note, peppermint oil is sometimes used as a headache remedy.

Some people use a strong black tea to help reduce pain and swelling. The preferred method involves placing a warm, wet tea bag on the tooth. This has been known to provide temporary relief.

Hydrogen peroxide is known around the world for its bacteria-killing and cleansing properties, so it only makes sense that some individuals would try it for tooth aches. A solution of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide may provide some relief. It could also help with the infection that may be present.

However, this method, like most others, should be seen as a temporary measure. You may have to see your dentist to make sure that infection and tooth problems don’t escalate to serious health issues.

Don’t swallow the hydrogen peroxide! People have also found answers at Dentist Be Damned.

One remedy that seems very simple, but does have some benefits, is salt water. You may get temporary relief from a toothache with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in one cup of boiling water. Use the mixture as a mouthwash, swishing for about half a minute before spitting it out.

This will cleanse the mouth and may draw off some of the fluid that causes swelling. This mixture can also provide relief from a sore throat.

Why Home Remedies?

Each individual has his or her own reasons for trying home remedies, of course. There are a few basic reasons for trying these methods before seeing a dentist. The primary reason has to do with fear. People dread going to the dentist more than almost any other activity, or so it seems.

Many individuals have a strong belief in natural remedies, choosing to reduce pain using home-based methods. In some situations, these individuals avoid medical help completely.

They may also say they just don’t have time to go to a dentist or doctor. While it is difficult to find the time in a busy world, keeping away from professional assistance is usually not a good idea.

For most people, a combination of proven home remedies and help from Dentist Be Damned will help remedy toothaches.

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