When babies start growing a tooth or two, they will also feel discomfort along with it. As a response to the strange feeling that something is happening inside their mouth, they tend to gnaw or chew on almost anything. Excessive drooling, gum swelling, irritability, and changes in eating habits are among its many signs.

There are a few tricks that you can do to soothe a baby’s discomfort during the teething period. A clean, cold, thick fabric can numb sore gums as the baby gnaws the fabric, and a gentle massage on the gum, while the tooth hasn’t erupted yet, can also ease the discomfort.

If those don’t work, then we’ve got another solution for you—the Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil. This is an oral anesthetic that temporarily relieve pain.

Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil

This teething ointment is a proud product of Essenzia AlternaKids. This company is dedicated to providing the finest lifestyle and health products made of organic ingredients, essential oils, and laboratory-grade treatments.

Most of its products, such as the Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil, are completely safe for kids and babies.


  • Formulation

The Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil is formulated with natural ingredients such as sunflower oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, chamomile, peppermint, clove bud, vitamin E, and grapefruit seed extract. It is alcohol-free and does not contain any benzocaine and artificial flavor, color, or preservative.

All of the ingredients, as well as the manufacturing process, of this teething oil are guaranteed safe and effective. The botanical ingredients such as the gentle herbal extracts, vitamin E, and essential oils are infused together to help ease a baby’s discomfort when teething.

  • Applications

The Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil is a fast-acting remedy for teething babies. It helps to relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation caused by teething. Also, it can be applied to other mouth-related discomforts such as gum aches, toothaches, and irritability. Babies will immediately feel the soothing sensation of the oil when applied.

The Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil is carefully made for infants six months and older. It can be added to the infant’s toothbrush, egg, biscuit, rings, and teething mith or other teething toys. It is easy to put on the gums or other affected areas.

To apply, shake the product well first. Using one finger, gently massage one drop of the Essenzia AlternaKids teething oil on the baby’s gums. It will instantly relieve the pain and soothe the discomfort.

Alternatively, you can also add a drop on your baby’s pacifier or snack. The teething oil can be chilled before application for even more relief and comfort. For accurate measurements, it comes with an oral syringe.

  • Container

To maintain freshness and safety, the Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil is housed in a 6.6-ounce dark blue glass bottle. It is tightly sealed in order to preserve the efficacy of its formulation.

Everything in the product, including the ingredients and the bottle, are all sourced from and processed in a GMP-compliant laboratory in Arizona, USA.

  • Bonus Feature

As an added feature, this product comes with free fresh fruit pacifier. It will accompany the teething period, and the baby will love it.

After placing pieces of fresh fruits inside the pacifier, safely lock it in. Put one drop of the Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil on it for more fun and convenient application.

The pacifier is made of food-grade silicone material that is non-toxic and BPA-free. It is dishwasher-safe and resistant to heat as well. In addition to that, it is easy to clean and sterilize too. Simply boil or steam it for three to five minutes.


  • Immediate relief from teething discomfort
  • All-natural and non-toxic formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Gentle and effective
  • With free fruit pacifier
  • Comes with an oral syringe


  • Pacifier made outside the Arizona laboratory
  • Expensive

Summary of the Features

The Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil is an all-natural oil intended to relieve discomfort caused by teething. It can also ease toothaches, gum aches, and swelling in the mouth.

This oil is safe and gentle for babies. It is easy to apply by rubbing it directly on the affected area or putting it on a pacifier or a clean, chilled cloth. To aid the application and teething period, this product comes with a fresh fruit pacifier. It is safe and made of non-toxic, BPA-free material.

Comparison with Another Product

The Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil is one of the best teething oils in the market today. Another good product that can be compared with it is the Nuby Natural Soothing Gel.

This gel comes in a 0.53-ounch BPA-free container. Compared with the Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil, this product is more affordable. It is made from natural ingredients, which include chamomile.

This product is not formulated with benzocaine, belladonna, and parabens. It quickly soothes gums and can be applied day and night to provide long-lasting relief. It comes with a teether that features a unique, smooth texture for added fun and comfort.

However, it seems like this package sells the teether mainly and the soothing gel only comes with it. The manufacturer does not sell the soothing gel as a stand-alone product. Although the teether is soft and flexible, it might go to waste if it is not used as the soothing gel is the main product you need.

Between the two products, the Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil is considered the better choice. Although it is expensive, it has more content and is guaranteed safe, non-toxic, and natural. Plus, the pacifier is a lot better and functional. Any irritated, agitated infant will definitely love it.

Bottom Line

During the teething period, babies will be more irritable and cry a lot becase they feel discomfort and pain caused by the protruding and growing tooth. Ease his pain by providing him with home remedies such as a soothing gel.

The Essenzia AlternaKids Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil can help provide immediate relief from pain and discomfort caused by swelling, toothaches, and gum aches. It is more expensive than other products, but it is guaranteed safe, non-toxic, and gentle. With this, you can be confident that your baby is not exposed to harmful chemicals and comfort him only with the finest, all-natural product.

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