One might experience extreme pain in the mouth for many reasons. It could be because of the teeth. It could also be because of the gums, tongue or the mouth’s cheeks. Indeed, there are several possible causes of oral-related pain, but one thing is certain. Mouth-related discomfort can be excruciating! It is highly recommended that the patient visits the dentist to relieve the pain and find its cause. But sometimes, a trip to the doctor is just not feasible.

In such cases, it would be better to find pain relievers such as essential oils. One of the highly regarded oils for oral pain is clove essential oil.

What Is Clove Oil?

Many people prefer natural treatments for pain relief rather than over-the-counter medications. Fortunately, there are natural ingredients that can be used to treat pain. One of them is cloves.

Cloves have been used for pain relief for many centuries. This is because cloves have an active ingredient, eugenol, which can numb the surface or skin it touches. Eugenol also contains anti-inflammatory properties that aid in reducing irritation and swelling.

This is why cloves became a popular technique to end the pain for tooth and gum problems. In fact, some over-the-counter dental products have eugenol in their formulation. One study also found out that eugenol is more effective in reducing inflammation, pain, and swelling when compared to another kind of analgesic.

Inserting a clove in the affected area such as the infected tooth cavity or gums is the way to treat the discomfort. That was how they did it in the past. These days, it is no longer necessary to find fresh cloves. One can easily benefit from the analgesic properties of cloves with the use of clove essential oil!

How to Use Clove Essential Oil for Oral-Related Pain

Many people complain that they experience a burning sensation in their mouth when they apply clove essential oil. This is because placing pure clove oil is not advisable.

As a general rule, pure essential oils, regardless of their kind, should not be applied without any carrier oils. Essential oils including clove oils should be mixed with a carrier oil such as jojoba, olive or almond.

The best way to apply clove oil in the affected tooth or gums is to fill a teaspoon with a carrier oil and place it in a small dish. Then, add a few drops of the clove oil to the carrier oil, swab a cotton ball or bud and apply to the affected area.

Interested yet? One of the best clove oils on the market is the Artizen Clove Essential Oil. How does this product fare? And why choose clove oil as a pain reliever?

Artizen Clove Essential Oil

Artizen Oils is a company based in Denver, United States. The firm’s goal is to provide consumers with high-quality essential oil products at affordable prices. Its business model eliminates the need for high commissions to sales representatives, which accounts for its lower prices than large essential oil manufacturers. Artizen Oils is sold directly to consumers to bring its product prices down.


This clove essential oil is also used for tooth and mouth-related pain. It promises to be a high-quality oil that is pure and concentrated. This means that there is no dilution or adulterants in the oil.

This oil’s product maker claims to have this product regularly tested for purity and other qualities to ensure that the product is pure. It also claims to be therapeutic grade.

The product is packaged in a top-quality glass with a UV-colored coating to protect the essential oil against UV rays and degradation. It also comes with a glass dropper for easy use and application.

Its maker, Artizen, provides a lifetime warranty and guarantee for all its products. This means consumers who are unhappy with the product can ask for a replacement or a refund.


  • Tested regularly for purity
  • Therapeutic-grade
  • Additional protection for the oil with the UV-colored coated glass
  • Easy to apply with the glass dropper
  • Lifetime warranty and guaranty


  • Smells a bit rancid


The Artizen Clove Essential Oil claims to be a pure essential oil that is therapeutic-grade. It comes in a UV-colored coated glass packaging complete with a glass dropper. The packaging allows for easy application and additional protection against sunlight. The product maker also offers a lifetime warranty and guarantee, which allows unhappy buyers to ask for either a refund or replacement.

This essential clove oil, however, has a strong scent that sometimes smells rancid.


The Artizen Clove Essential Oil has many competitors on the market. One of them is the Clove Oil by Healing Solutions, which also claims to be 100 percent natural and therapeutic-grade just like the essential oil of this review.

Both product makers Artizen and Healing Solutions claim that their clove oils have undergone rigorous quality testing and control. Healing Solutions has various certifications under its name, such as ISO 9001, GMP, and Kosher. It is also FDA-registered. Unfortunately, Artizen Essential Oils do not have these certifications.

The Clove Oil by Healing Solution does not have a warranty or guarantee, which Artizen Essential Oils provide.

Another competitor is the NOW Foods Clove Oil. Just like the product we are reviewing, this oil claims to be 100 percent pure. The NOW Foods product, however, does not come with a dropper, unlike the Artizen Essential Oil. It also does not come with a warranty.


One might want to purchase the Artizen Clove Essential Oil for many reasons. It promises to be 100 percent pure. Its product maker claims that the oil is frequently tested for purity. However, there are no certifications provided by the company.

The Artizen Clove Essential Oil is highly similar to many of its competitors. There are, after all, many Clove Essential oils available on the market. But what sets the product under review apart from the rest is its lifetime warranty and guarantee. This is the main reason why it would be worth buying the Artizen Clove Essential Oil since buyers can always ask for a refund or replacement if unsatisfied with the purchase.


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